Beef shank
Chicken drumsticks
2 or 3 large potatoes
3 small cans of garbanzos
Angel hair pasta
1 head of cabbage
Chorizo (optional)
Morcilla [blood sausage] (optional)

Boil hamhock and beef shank in water in a large pot (this liquid will later be the broth for soup) for two hours or more.
After an hour of boiling the hamhock and beef shank, add chicken drumsticks. At the same time add potatoes (peeled and cut into medium-sized pieces) and garbanzos.
Start to boil the head of cabbage (shredded into smaller pieces) in a separate pot.

When the two hours have passed, the food in the large pot will be ready.
At this time, if you wish, you may boil some chorizo and morcilla in a separate small pot for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, add the chorizo and morcilla to the big pot.

Once the cabbage is boiled, put some oil in a frying pan with one or two whole cloves of garlic (don't burn the garlic). Drain the cabbage of its water and put into the frying pan. Toss it a bit and then place it on a serving dish.

Take out two other serving dishes:
In one, place all of the meat from the large pot. (Don't throw away the liquid...remember it is your broth!)
In the other, place the potatoes and garbanzos.

To the broth, add angel hair pasta and bring to a boil.

Now you are ready to eat. Serve the soup first (the angel hair pasta with broth): "sopa de fideos"
Then serve all the rest. This recipe is good for cold winter nights...and for good appetites.

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