1427 Woodgrove Square
San Jose, CA 95117-3669
Home: 408-378-1450 / Cell: 408-510-1315
Birthday: January 6


REMINDER: You must park in a space marked "VISITOR." If you don't find one inside my square, go back out to Millich Lane, where there are more visitor spaces.

From 880/17:
Take the Hamilton Avenue offramp and go west.
Go through several stoplights until you pass a school and a field on the right.
Turn right at Millich Lane, just after the field and just in front of a Jiffy Lube station (if you reach San Tomas Expressway, you've just passed it!).
Go through two intersections, and you'll drive right into the Merrivale West complex.
Once inside the complex, take the second left turn, into WOODGROVE SQUARE.
I'm the third townhouse on the right, at 1427.

If coming south on 280, you can do this:
Exit at Winchester Boulevard. Get in the far right lane, and turn right; this puts you onto Moorpark Avenue.
Take the first left turn (Eden Avenue). Continue on Eden until you reach the first stoplight at Payne Avenue (you will have gone through a stop sign at Williams Road).
Turn right on Payne. Pass 4 streets on the left (last one is Maria); then you'll see a street opening in a brick wall flanked by two streetlamps. This is the Merrivale West complex. Turn left.
Once inside the complex, stay on this street (Millich Lane) as it curves to the right, straightens, then curves to the left.
Just after it curves to the left around the clubhouse, turn right, into WOODGROVE SQUARE. I'm the third townhouse on the right, at 1427. If you miss this right turn, take the next one; you'll be in the same square.

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